Monday, August 31, 2009

I want this book

Spencer, take note. My birthday IS coming up.

Not only does this look like a really cool cookbook, it's written by the founder and former editor of Bitch magazine! Plus, I think it's all vegetarian and vegan, which is even better!

Basically, she takes the local/organic food concept and makes it both easy and accessible for us mortals. Let's face it, we all don't live off of farmer's market produce and eggs harvested from our coop out back. However, everyone could benefit from eating food grown closer to home that is in season, because it tastes better and is much better for the planet.

And this book is only $8. Go buy it from Powell's if you don't want to support a giant (but Seattle-area!) corporation; it's $10 there, still a bargain for a solid cookbook.

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