Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yes, I suck, haven't blogged in two months. Tons has been happening that is very blog-worthy, but I've been lazy. I think my goal is going to be short burst sort of posts, a few a week. That way, I can put something useful out into the world that isn't work intensive. Set the bar low so you can always come out way over it, right????

Today: Odwalla bar product review.

I love these things. They have great stats for breakfast - I'm not hungry first thing in the morning, so I end up eating my breakfast after I've arrived at work. These are great because they require zero prep, don't smell, and don't make alot of noise when you are eating them (can you tell I work in a cube?!).

Specifically, the chocolate chip peanut flavor is EXQUISITE. I'm on board for anything that tastes like a candy bar for breakfast. The stats are perfect for a meal - 230 cals, and a decent amount of fiber and protein. With a banana as my mid-morning snack around 930 or 10, its a perfect morning, food-wise.

The downside is that they are crazy expensive, so I usually buy them on sale and stock up. The best price I usually find is $1/ea. Seems high still, but when you figure that's the cost for a meal it's not too bad.

BONUS: go to and use code HGirl20 until 9/15. It's for 20% off, which puts them at exactly $1/ea. Plus they have lots of other good stuff on the site so the discount allows you to stock up on other tasty items!

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