Sunday, October 4, 2009

Southern cooking theme night

Here's a random dinner that came together surprisingly well, given that I didn't really have anything planned in advance. We had red chard and green beens that needed to get used, plus a pot of white beans that had just completed cooking. I turned all of that into Southern theme night! Themes are the best. Plus, we're from Michigan and now live in Seattle, so we don't even have to pretend that we know what real Southern food looks and tastes like. Add a little hot sauce, serve with cornbread, and you're good to go!

I ended up making Vegan Brunch's chorizo sausages as the centerpiece of the meal for the first time, and was really impressed. I've made Julie Hasson's seitan sausages before, but I must say the addition of mashed beans plus the perfect spice combo made this batch the best homemade sausage I've ever had (I used the aforementioned white beans instead of pinto - pretty sure it doesn't matter). Luckily I doubled the recipe so we have a bunch in the freezer now! After steaming, I browned them in a pan for a few minutes. Right before I took them off the heat, I stirred in a sauce comprised of about .5 c water, .25 c BBQ sauce, and .25 c hot wing sauce. That was just enough to give the "meat" a nice, saucy quality....

....which was what I was going for because when you make CORNBREAD you need something to sop up! I love cornbread. And Veganomicon's recipe is my favorite, because it tastes great and is too freakin' easy.

And I'm sorry all my pictures are kind of crappy....I've had my camera for about seven years and I refuse to get a new one as long as it is still alive. Plus, it gets dark way too early this time of year!

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