Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drinking and running....combined!

I've been lazy with blogging (specifically taking interesting pictures of things and writing about them), but I figured I'd throw out a few niblets for your enjoyment.

While somewhat disappointing in respect to my post-work and weekend activities, I found this NY Times article about the health benefits of alcohol interesting. Basically it questions all of the studies linking moderate drinking to health benefits. Jury's still out.

In a similar vein, here is a good Runner's World article about alcohol consumption and running.

Lastly, in order to get enough miles to bump me up to Elite status on Northwest I was thinking about doing the Las Vegas Rock n' Roll half marathon. That is, assuming I don't die running the Seattle one in a WEEK AND A HALF. Oh god, that's coming up really damn fast! Well, I did over a ten-miler this weekend, and one two weeks before that, so I should be good to go. But I'm still slightly terrified.

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